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| Citizen Chain Cyclery | LINKS


  • Big Ring Riding - A cool blog site with some great photographs of true champions of yester-year.
  • Bike Snob NYC - He is starting to gain a following and he remains funny. And is usually right on point.
  • theBikeTube - You could learn a thing if you watched these.
  • Brian Baylis - Brian knows a thing or two. Once upon a time he was a builder for Masi, CA and is now truly a master builder. Arguably one of the most attentive and detail-oriented frame builders out there. And hes a nice guy. Oh! and we found his Rosebud!!
  • Campagnolo - ’nuff said
  • Cirque Du Cyclisme - Great annual show on the east coast!
  • Classic Rendezvous - Wonderful collection
  • Chris Conlin - A friend of the shop and a great illustrator. We are going to work on getting some Chris Conlin custom paint jobs going here.
  • Colnago - Maybe you have noticed Dallas’ appreciation for Mr Colnago’s work
  • Deco Design Studio - Sasha’s mother runs an interior architecture practice in Bethesda, MD. Maybe you like bikes and like to remodel.
  • Disraeli Gears - Holy crap do they have a lot of derailleurs cataloged here!
  • Ibis - Sasha has two three of these and one two are so nice they came with a free handjobs. Whats your bike got? (thanks Cyclofiend for the image.)
  • John McDermott Photography - John is a great sports photographer and friend of the shop.
  • the Loin - Jeff over at the Loin handles our screen printing.
  • Macaframa - Some local tricksters doing their thing.
  • MASH - Not quite as new, but still pretty sweet. SF represent!
  • Park Tools - ol’ reliable.
  • Pedro’s Tools USA - Also great tools. Conveniently, the tool companies are alphabetically right next to one another.
  • PlemonsCo. - Our buddy and local bike messenger has started making some great leather toe straps.
  • Recycle Bicycle - Howard is fantastic! He has pulled through for us in time of need and we support what he does!
  • Refried Cycles - Benji is a great guy! Sometimes he helps us help you. And sometimes we help him help someone too.
  • SF Bike Coalition - The Coaltion.
  • SF Bike Film Festival - Coming soon to a theater near you* July 16-18. *you must live in sf.
  • SOMA - SOMA Fabrications.
  • Sheldon Brown - If bicycling had a new testament, this might be it.
  • Stick Your Doodle - Our friend Niko helps us out with decals and such and he can perhaps help you too.
  • Trackosaurusrex - Trackosaurusrex.
  • Velo Cult - Great shop down in San Diego!
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