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The three co-owners, Dallas, Sasha and Niko, run Citizen Chain Cyclery.  We are professional bike mechanics and enthusiasts. We’re fully capable in repairing anything you can throw at them. We work hard on our craft. What you want is a finely tuned instrument. What we can give you is just that, with panache.

Besides our infectious enthusiasm for all things on two wheels, the trio genuinely enjoy helping customers sort out all the confusion associated with bicycling. Straight bar versus drop bar? Fixie or an 18-speed? Seat type? Helmet style? What bike will hand panniers? It’s tough to decide from among all the options, and we Citizen Chain mechanics will guide you to that perfect ride.

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Dallas aka Big D

Dallas aka Big D

Dallas, the Big D, is the quintessential bike snob. Through his expert guidance, you will arrive at the most appropriate bike available in the store for you. And if such a bike is not in the store, he’ll know where to get you one.



Sasha holds down the fort and runs the backend business, making the business hum as fine tuned as the bikes inside. He’s also pretty nifty with a wrench, too.



Niko the master mechanic. He lives and breathes bicycles and can immediately diagnose and fix whatever problem you have or think you have. He is the Gregory House, MD of bicycles, without the bum leg or surly personality.

Citizen Chain Cyclery
2064 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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