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Interbike 2010! (Hope you had a good time / Bye-Bye Vegas)

Interbike 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

Interbike 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

And were back! After a trip to Las Vegas with a stop over in Washington DC, we are back on course. We saw some great things at Interbike and I tried to take as many photos as I could to spread the eye candy. There was everything from the super light, to the super fast, to the super bling. God I love that Colango cross bike! My buddies at Lupine Lights were there showcasing their newest stuff – including the new Pico. Super sweet tiny little light that puts out a whole lot! Of light that is. Also of notable mention: these sweet Italian-made Vittoria shoes and this seamless, stainless, Columbus-tubed Cinelli weighing in at around 16.5 lbs! Because we’re suckers for Cross bikes, I also have to point out this Speedwagen. The hubs were custom painted Phil’s and there was one powder coated Paul canti brake on the non-drive rear that was powder coated the same light blue as the other highlights on the frame. Really nice attention to detail.
I also must mention the limited edition Pashley Britannia (which is now in our store!). They arnt available until Jan 2011, but you can come by and whet your appetite! And while youre at it, check out the new SRAM Apex grouppo that I plan on using quite a bit on some bike builds!
Last awesomest things made by White Industries! This quick release pedal system and somewhere I have a photo of a super-cool rod-guided rear derailleur they made. Unfortunately I have maxed out how much I can upload so you might have to wait a few to see the rest of the photos. Till next time… ta ta!

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Smart Planet understands what we’re doing!

Smart Planet video on the Chain

Smart Planet video on the 'Chain

Thanks to the team over at Smart Planet, we now have another video (of us) to add to (our) library! They did a great job and really get the point across as to what we are trying to do here. Either click on the banner photo above or check out the video here. For more information on Smart Planet and how they are trying to spread eco-conciousness, click here.

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New Hot Hotness – Rickshaw Bags are at Citizen Chain!

Rickshaw Bags now at the Chain!

Rickshaw Bags now at the 'Chain!

Guess what! I bet you read the title for this post, huh. Guess anyway! You’re right! San Francisco’s own Rickshaw Bags are now available at Citizen Chain: come by and check out all the sweetness! For a little taste of what this great company can do for you, check out their site, or perhaps check out some examples on their Flickr. They make a whole range of bags and the best part is they used recycled fabrics and their bag design is actually a Zero-Waste product! Whaaat? Its true. They use every scrap of fabric to make the bags; hence the name the “Zero” Messenger Bag. New to Rickshaw, they have also just designed their first new fabric. They wanted to make some bags out of tweed, but they found that the old tweed wasnt up to the task and would fray. So they have designed their own proprietary Tweed blend and they have just released a bunch of bags made out of it. Come on down and buy one and then you could be like one of these folks!

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Told you we were gonna be huge

Another short on Citizen Chain by Zane Adamo

Another short on Citizen Chain

It’s been quite a month for us at Citizen Chain. We have had a really busy summer with a lot of repair work! A big “Thank You!” to everyone for their patronage. We also have a few ideas abrew that are sure to keep us busy through the fall and [our excuse for a] winter season. So be sure to check back for info on our wool jerseys as well as our kid’s bike “my first lease” program. We also had some good press from CBS (see the post below) and now, thanks to our friend, neighbor, shop ally and documentary film maker Aron Ranen and his Digital Video Course we now have another little film short on the ‘Chain. Thank you to Zane Adamo for making the clip and his father for hosting it on the Bakersfield Californian website. We told you we were gonna be huge on this internet thing.
Also, for those of you who care, we have added 2 new links to our Links Page. If you have a moment, please check out Big Ring Riding for some great old pictures of true bicycle riders and be sure to stop by Disraeli Gears and peruse their amazing catalog of amazing bits and pieces of bicycle engineering.

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