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Bicycles on the Equator

sweet ride.

sweet ride.

Hello internets! After a much needed hiatus, Im baaaack. I went to Ecuador for a quick 2 week jaunt with some friends. While I was there I tried to keep an eye out for bike paraphernalia. All in all, they really like mountain bikes there. Its a downhiller’s paradise. At the Teleferico, I saw a couple of guys throw their bikes on the gondola to cruise the 1000+ meter drop before sunset. Then I saw one crazy dude go after sunset. A couple of road bikers were here and there with one group of 8 spotted on the way to Banos. I also met a guy in Mindo that had broken his back in 3 places a couple of years back. He said that he has ridden pretty much every trail in Mindo but was lucky to still be walking after his little accident. Yeah, Id say.

This particular example was seen in downtown Banos. Looks like someone disassembled and then re-welded the frame together. Take a moment to really take this one in. A couple blocks away in the city square I found these lovely railings. Super sweet! I had a great time and wish I could have gotten a few more choice shots for you (a couple notable examples come to mind) but its a good excuse to go back. Do you think they have bicycles on Galapagos?

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