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Interbike in Vegas! – Shop Closed for a few days

Pashley at Interbike

Exhibit A

The time has come for Interbike 09 my friends! I wish I were organized enough to have gotten a van and road trip team together, but alas I am too slow. I guess I gotta take that quick hour flight to the city of sin! Quick in, quick out. But inorder to do that the shop is going to have some “off” hours this week. Pay attention! Wednesday [9-23] I will open a half hour early and leave around noon. Will should be around later that day, but I cannot promise for him so dont count on it. Thursday and Friday[9-24/25] we will be closed and we will reopen again on Saturday at 10ish.

So is there anything you would like Citizen Chain to check out while we are there? Pretty much everyone in the game will be there with their latest, greatest and sexiest (exhibit A) on display. This is your chance to chime in and tell Mr. Chain what you would like to see in the shop this next season! Any new hot products out there you want?

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Theyre learning to ride bikes!

Theyre learning to ride bikes!

I dont know if this worries you, but Im about worried to death! For a while now, I have thought that building robots in humaniod-form is ethically really a very bad idea and now they are taking over the most holy of holies, the bicycle! At least we can still make fun of the thing for needing training wheels. Check out Joules‘ wicket cadence over onĀ  YouTube or check out the builder’s blog post over here.

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