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we got SOMA in here!

Were a soma fab dealer!!

We're a soma fab dealer!!

Thats right! Citizen Chain Cyclery is now one of only two spots on SF to grab a brand new SOMA frame! While we might not have everything in stock (there are a too many sizes and kinds of frame for us little guys to stock) but check them out! Perhaps one tickles your fancy or whets your appetite? Come on in and let us know!

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weird french parts



We came across another weird part today. Check out how the wedge bolt is machined to slide on the side of the steer tube,  as opposed to the front or the back. Does that make sense? I dont see why it would affect anything, just strange that it was done like that.

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new shirts in!

Orson Wheels

Orson Wheels

I had a big day involving shirts. I had a shop friend stop by and bless me with a few unique and truly special vintage bicycle shirts. I will document them soon and upload the shots. I also just got the first batch of new shop shirts in! I had a lot of requests for them and it took me a little while to deliver, but here they are. Right now just black ones are in (the only true color for a bicycle shop shirt) and I have some gray ones on the way, as well as a few XXL and girlie sizes too! Hit me up at Sasha@CitizenChain.com if you would like a shirt! [$20 + s&h]

Big thank you to Jeff at the Loin for the super quick print job. Hes working to get the site up. And thanks to Babylon Falling for the Loin photos.

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Happy Birthday Cupid Courier!

Cupid Courier turns 10!

Cupid Courier turns 10!

Hey internets_
My buddy Brian stopped by here the other day. We used to courier together in Boston several years ago but now we have both learned that San Fran is the place to be. Anyway, he now works for Cupid Courier - a super-awesome rider-owned cooperative. They turn 10 this year and they are having a party! YAY! check out the flier for some info. Sat, July 4 12a-12p in GG park. HOORAH!

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New Serotta Fit bike!

we got a fit bike! we got a fit bike!

we got a fit bike! we got a fit bike!

HOORAY! we have been looking for one of these for a real long time! We just grabbed a Serotta fit bike thats in great shape! come on down and check it out, or view a few pics on the Flickr site. I think its a mid 90’s but im not totally sure. Feel free to educate me if youd like.

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